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The call to discipleship, inherent in Baptism, finds its expression through ministerial involvement. God’s people respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit to identify and offer their gifts for the building up of the Body of Christ. 


Getting involved not only helps our parish, it is also a wonderful way to get to know other parishioners. Ministry is all about relationships. To join a ministry, read about them below and then complete the request form.

The word proclaim comes from the Latin pro meaning “before” and clamare meaning “to cry out.” The Lector proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ, making God present to the gathered community.


The ministry of Lector is a charism for the building up of the community, and it does require some native abilities such as confidence, poise and  sensitivity to the assembly. Reading skills, the ability to develop proclamation techniques and a clear and steady voice are attributes of a Lector.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are called to serve the Body of Christ that is the Church, as well as the Body of Christ in the Eucharist species. Ministers of Holy Communion distribute the Body and Blood of our Lord to the assembly during Holy Communion and assist with putting away the sacred vessels after Mass. Inspired and moved wih care for our sisters and brothers not present at the liturgy, ministers take the Body of Christ to the homebound.


The members of the Ministry of Altar Servers assist in the celebration of the sacred liturgy through the sharing of their talents and contribute to the spirit of prayer through the reverent way they perform their tasks. Service to the parish community is a way to live out the life Jesus promised us in the sacrament of baptism.

As described by the Bishops’ Committee on the Liturgy, “Among the many signs and symbols used by the Church to celebrate its faith, music is of preeminent importance… The quality of joy and enthusiasm which music adds to community worship cannot be gained in any other way.” They continue that music “can unveil a dimension of meaning and feeling, a communication of ideas and intuitions which words alone cannot yield.”
As Music Ministers, we have an awesome responsibility to help our community worship in spirit and truth. While we’re at it, we can also experience tremendous joy ourselves!

The Ministry of Hospitality (Ushers & Greeters) is a wonderful way to become further involved in your parish. Activities include greeting parishioners and visitors before Mass, helping with the collection, and distributing bulletins after Mass. Each of our Masses could greatly use your assistance. Never underestimate the power of a simple smile or handshake, which greets our parishioners, guests, or even a visitor to our parish. No formal training is required, just a willingness to help. However, ushers meet seasonally during the liturgical year for schedules and informational updates.The Ministry of Hospitality is open to all; even the entire family can become involved.

A sacristan is responsible for setting out the vessels and ritual books for each weekend Mass. He/She oversees any necessary set-up before a liturgical celebration. Sacristans also serve at weekday Masses, funerals, weddings, Evening Prayer, and Stations of the Cross. Training is provided by the parish and quarterly meetings are held to receive the calendar.

Volunteers are needed to coordinate decor that reflect the different seasons of the Liturgical year including Advent, Ordinary Time, Christmas, Lent, the Triduum, and Easter.  Decor should express the reverence and beauty of the worship space and may include plants, flower arrangements, sacred images, and drapery. The annual Advent poinsettia sale is also a part of this ministry. Time commitment may vary according to the season of the Liturgical cycle.

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